Happy New Year!

Last year positively sucked. It really did. My sister nearly died (twice), my adopted kids had a tough time at school, and I ended up in hospital for a week. 

Luckily, we’re on the brink of having something awesome happen. And that’s what we’re holding on to for this year. 

I hope yours is, too. 

This totally took the magic out of pasta making for me. I’d always wanted to believe it was some form of old stereotypical Italian mamma twisting the pasta by hand. 

I am broken, forever. 

Why I won’t be going to the EVolution Show in Frome.

Ever since the EVolution show has been announced, I’ve been contacted by people asking me if I’m going, or expressing surprise when I say no. 

So this is a short, concise post to explain why. 

I’m not going to go into the long (and complicated) reasons behind my decision, but I am going to say that I do have some personal problems with some of the people attending. 

Most noticeable among them is Jack Rickard of EVTV. After many years of trying to work alongside Jack (he covers conversions rather than OEM cars) he’s been publicly very defamatory towards anything I’ve done, but has asked me on more than one occasion for advice on our production equipment and workflows. 

I won’t go into the emails here — but let’s say that I responded to one as politely as I could… I gave information freely, despite Jack’s rude and arrogant attitude towards the shows I produce. 

At around the same time, I heard that Jack had — and is — continually rude about other people in the EV world, people who I respect and who have been fighting the corner of electric vehicles for a very long time.

But then this happened, I’ve linked to the specific piece of the show. 

It’s in relation to the failed attempt that Transport Evolved made to be the official press team for the WAVE, an event in Swizerland earlier this year. 

We did everything right. We planned. We allowed lots of time to travel. We arranged for all the relevant charging cards and passes. But on arriving in Europe, its unreliable charging network meant that we decided to turn around and head home. 

We wrote a frank, and comprehensive post detailing what happened. And it’s from this that Jack claims he based his comments (above). Yet Jack’s retelling of the event has no basis in reality or fact. 

What’s worse, is that Jack has continued to be rather rude about my journalistic abilities and my job. I’ve been called a ‘suck-up’ to Nissan. I’ve been called ‘ignorant’. I’ve been called worse. 

And, according to many who keep me in the loop, these kind of slurs have continued on subsequent episodes, and Jack has continued to mock or dismiss manufactured-made electric cars. 

The event next year I’m sure is designed with the best of intentions: to help celebrate and entertain about plug-in vehicles and alternative fuels. But with such a connection to EVTV, I’ve no desire to publicly go and be treated with such distain in person. 

I’m sure Jack has done amazing things for the conversion industry. But I personally find him rude, condescending, and frankly, sexist. 

Combined with others attending, I get the impression that this show is more for conversion fans and specialists than it is for everyday drivers. With the male-dominated arena that it is, I don’t feel welcome. 

So, I hope those who go have fun, and an enjoyable time. But I also hope you’ll understand why I won’t be going, because I frankly don’t want to go somewhere where I’ll be bad mouthed, talked down to, and treated like a ‘little lady’ who doesn’t know her shit. 

Christmas (dos) come but once a year.

Christmas (dos) come but once a year.


It has come to my attention that if I go to the Christmas Party this year at work I will have to wear a new dress. This is because my one viable party dress, which I like very much, I wore last year. To the only work event I’ve been to, with the same people who’ll no doubt go this year, and I like…

You know, Marisota do nice stuff… although not sure about their ethics.



Signs in the bathrooms at Bristol Uni for Trans Awareness Week.

Yay for Bristol Uni :)

Yes yes, and yes some more .

One of the schools in our area (Ridings Academy) has done away with their single gender bathrooms, and now has just single stalls. Although I note they still have gender markers on them, despite each stall opening onto the corridors and a non-gendered sink area.

Living with an ILR

As I discovered yesterday when it was peeing down with rain and again this morning, my ILR is just at the wrong place to wear waterproof trousers with suspenders: the left strap pushes on my ILR.

It doesn’t hurt per say, but it does make the thing uncomfortable. And having just got used to having something beneath my skin, I don’t need reminding there’s something there. 




So I had a momentary distraction (that lasted about an hour). I wondered if, for our upcoming Thanksgiving, I could coax the RiscPC into providing us with music. The only slight problem was that the RiscPC is 18 years old, and won’t talk to the network properly. It has internet access, of sorts….

You know I’m there for the love of the old computers… 

I’m thinking there must be a way of passing it data over the network using some clever gubbins. I’m sure John would help …

So. This heart thing….

For the past month — since I came out of hospital — I’ve been kind of hiding from the fact that there might be something wrong with my heart. I’ve also been taking ß-blockers in an attempt to prevent me from fainting quite as much. 

While that has been met with limited success — I don’t faint unless I’m really tired or super stressed — I’ve just received notification from my local hospital informing me that yes, I will be required to go into hospital for the implanting of an ILR. 

An iLR — or Implantable Loop Recorder — is a small device that fits just below the skin in the chest area and keeps a recording of your heart. As the name suggests, the device is actually on a loop: it overwrites data unless you have something particularly interesting happen that it then either automatically records or stores if you tell it to. 

The procedure itself is tiny. But I’m actually petrified of it, and I can’t actually say why. Perhaps it’s because i’ve come to tell myself that no, the problems I’ve been suffering form are simply stress-related faints rather than anything more sinister. Perhaps it’s because while I’ve had four or five major surgeries in my life and ever since my last one (in 2004) I’ve become a little bit of a ninny when it comes to such things. 

But I’ve been doing some research to try and find out a little more about what it is I’ll be getting and how they work. And hopefully, no-one will tell me I can’t drive. Since I tend to have these ‘episodes’ in the evening, it hasn’t been a problem yet. 

I guess it’s time to stop being such a wimp…